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Disaster Assistance Loans - Small Business QLD

Disaster Assistance Loans – Small Business provide Queensland small businesses with low-interest loans to help with disaster recovery efforts.

Application detail:

Applications may be made after the declaration of an eligible disaster.

What do you get?

Loan interest loans up to $250,000.

Who is this for?

Queensland small businesses impacted by an eligible disaster.


Disaster Assistance Loans - Small Business provides small businesses, whose assets have been significantly damaged as a direct result of an eligible disaster, with low-interest loans to help in their recovery efforts.

Loans may be used to re-establish the normal operations of the small business, including:

  • repairing or replacing damaged plant and equipment
  • repairing or replacing buildings
  • supplying stock for up to one month to replace lost stock and maintain the liquidity of the business
  • meeting carry-on requirement
    • sustenance
    • paying rent and rates

Low-interest loans of up to $250,000, over a maximum term of 10 years are available.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible, you must:

  • be a QLD small business owner
  • have a business which has sustained substantial damage to buildings, plant, equipment or stock as a result of an eligible disaster
  • have been carrying on a small business in the 'defined disaster area' immediately before the eligible disaster
  • provide adequate security for the loan
  • be able to demonstrate the ongoing viability of the small business
  • continue to carry on at the same location or elsewhere in the local government area where the small business was carried on prior to the eligible disaster
  • have taken reasonable precautions to avoid loss or damage from a disaster, for example, have adequate insurance

Find out more about the eligibility criteria at Disaster Assistance Loans - Small Business.

How do you apply?

Check the Disaster Recovery page for information about announcements of declared disaster events.

Find out more about how to apply at Disaster Assistance Loans - Small Business.