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This program was previously advertised as two discrete and separate stages. The current Grant Opportunity is now being delivered as a combined program that fully encompasses all stages.

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) 2021 Frontier Health and Medical Research Initiative

The MRFF 2021 Frontier Health and Medical Research Initiative provides multi-disciplinary teams with up to $1 million to develop, and up to $50 million to implement their innovative research projects.

Close date: 11 Dec 2020 05:00 PM AEDT.

What do you get?

Between $250,000 and $1 million to develop a research plan.

Up to $50 million over 5 years to implement your research plan.

Who is this for?

Researchers with innovative projects in the health and medical sector.


The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) 2021 Frontier Health and Medical Research Grant Opportunity opened as the MRFF 2019 Frontier Health and Medical Research (Stage One) Grant Opportunity. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity was deferred.

The MRFF 2021 Frontier Health and Medical Research Grant Opportunity now incorporates the entire Frontier process. It now includes both Stage One and Stage Two into a single grant opportunity. 

If you submitted an application under the original MRFF 2019 Frontier Health and Medical Research (Stage One) Round, your application will be re-set back to draft in the portal. You must update your application dates and budget to the new requirements. For instructions read the FAQ's factsheet and follow the steps.

We understand the impact of COVID-19 to the health and medical research sector. This includes the ability of researchers to submit applications and undertake research.

We ask you to consider these impacts in your risk management plan. We'll take this information into account during assessment of your application.

The MRFF 2021 Frontier Health and Medical Research Grant Opportunity comprises three phases:

  • Application
  • Research planning
  • Research implementation

If your application is successful, we'll award a grant to develop a detailed research plan. If you're awarded a grant you'll need to complete and submit your research plan. It will be then be competitively assessed against the research plan assessment criteria.


What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible you must:

  • have an Australian business number (ABN)
  • be incorporated in Australia

You must also be one of the following eligible bodies:

  • a medical research institute
  • a university
  • a corporate Commonwealth entity
  • a corporation (including businesses and not for profits)
  • a state or territory government
  • a state or territory government entity

Joint applications are encouraged, provided you have a lead organisation that is the main driver of the project and is eligible to apply.


How do you apply?

You should read the grant opportunity guidelines and sample grant agreement before you apply.

To apply, you must submit your application through the online portal. You’ll need to set up an account when you first log into the portal. The portal allows you to apply for and manage a grant or service in a secure online environment.

Apply now for MRFF 2021 Frontier Health and Medical Research Initiative

Before you apply, make sure you:

  • read the guidelines
  • read the factsheets
  • read the sample application form

Note: When completing a new application form, you'll need to select the program titled: MRFF Frontier Health and Medical Research (Stage One) from the list.

Need help?

  • Contact us for help with your application or to find out more.

  • Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm across Australia

Key documents

Grant opportunity guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

Sample application form

Standard grant agreement

Board or CEO Letter approved template

Independent audit report template

Peer Review Panel Communique