How to lead your business through times of change

Top tips to help you lead your business successfully through the change management process…

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Strong leadership is crucial when managing change in a business. It can set the tone for the change, give staff a clear direction and help get people on board with the process.

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Have a clear picture

Whether you’re expanding, taking on a new employee or moving locations, having a clear picture of your desired outcome is important. It can help people understand the big picture and keep in mind what they’re working towards.

Create a change management plan

Once you’ve got a clear idea of your desired outcome, it can be helpful to write it down in a change management plan. Although it can seem time-consuming, getting your thoughts out of your head and onto paper can help you start planning for the change, documenting the process and communicating it to staff or stakeholders.

Here are some things you might like to include in your change management plan:

  • what your desired outcome looks like
  • the reasons, benefits and aim of the change
  • what tasks needs to be done and who will do what
  • goals and targets for the change
  • potential milestones to hit.

Set the tone for the change

As a leader you have the opportunity to set the tone for the change. The way you talk about it and communicate with your staff will impact on the way they will think about the change in the future.

To create an attitude of acceptance and positivity, you’ll need to lead by example and motivate your staff. Getting your staff involved in the planning process, communicating with them and giving them clear goals and defined roles can go a long way in setting a positive tone.

Check out our article on Engaging and communicating with your staff during change.

Encourage a culture of change

Change is a normal and essential part of running a business. By promoting a culture of change and flexibility from the get-go, you can help your staff become comfortable with change, so they can adapt easier in the future.

Tips to help you encourage culture of change:

  • start with small changes
  • invite your staff to participate, share ideas and observations
  • recognise input and celebrate successes
  • keep looking for ways for your business to improve and implement those suggestions!

These tips can help your staff recognise change as a positive part of continuous improvement which can help build their morale and investment in the process.

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