Claiming your website expenses

If you have a business website, or are planning to set one up, you can claim a number of your website costs back as a tax deduction.

What costs can I claim?

Some of the costs you may be eligible to claim for include:

  • buying server hardware
  • buying or developing software
  • website hosting fees.

You can even claim running costs, such as website hosting fees, straight away.

When can I claim?

When you can claim your set-up costs can change depending on when you start (or started) trading.

If you’ve already started trade, any set-up costs you’ve made prior to starting are deductible over five years.

A number of set-up costs after the start of trade are also deductible:

  • Amounts under $1,000 are deductible straight away.
  • Amounts over $1,000 are deductible over four years.

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