Employ young workers

Young workers can be vulnerable in the workplace because they often don't have as much work experience as older workers.

Looking after your young workers can help them to settle in and help you to maintain a happy workplace. It can also:

  • equip the young worker with a positive attitude
  • help them become valuable and loyal employees
  • improve your chances of attracting and retaining quality young workers.

Useful guide when employing young people 

An employer's guide to employing young people by the Fair Work Ombudsman gives tips on how you can be a supportive employer. The guide explains:

  • what you should tell young workers when they start working for you
  • how to look after their health and safety
  • options for apprenticeships and training
  • how to manage their performance.

Included with the guide is a handy checklist to help you work out what you need to do, to best look after your young workers.

The guide also contains links to further resources that can help you understand your legal obligations to young workers, such as:

  • the minimum age you can employ them - which varies depending on your state or territory
  • the minimum pay rates for junior employees (usually under the age of 21).

Working with children check

If you work in any form of child-related work, you must also have a Working with Children (WWC) Check. The checks may be known differently in each state or territory. Find out more from the relevant links below:

Other useful resources

Read more on employing workers for your business.

Not sure what you need to do when employing or managing young workers? Check out the Fair Work Ombudsman's free and interactive online learning courses for employers, supervisors and managers.

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