Business details section

Business information

Under the business information section of your business plan you can include the following information:

  • Business purpose – Briefly explain the main purpose of your business, including products/services.
  • Business size – Enter the number of employees and or estimated/actual annual turnover of your business.
  • Operating history – Enter how long your business has been in operation and the progress you've had to date, including any major milestones achieved.

Registration details

Under the registration details section of your business plan you can include the following information:

  • Business name/s - Enter the business name/s that you have registered. If you haven't registered your business name, add your proposed business name/s.
  • Date registered - Enter the date that appears on your business name registration.
  • Business structure - Enter whether you're a sole trader, partnership, trust or company. Find out more on business structures.
  • Registered Australian Business Number (ABN) - If you're a business and have registered for an ABN, enter it here.
  • Registered Australian Company Number (ACN) - Only fill this in if you're a company. Find out more about registering your company.
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) – Enter whether you're registered for GST. If you are registered, also enter the date you were registered for GST.
  • Domain names - List any domain names you have registered and plan to use in the business. If you're planning on setting up a website for your business, you may also like to register a domain name to match your registered business name. Find out more about registering a website name.
  • Licences & permits - List all the licences or permits you have registered. These will vary depending on your type of business and location. Some examples include a tradesperson certificate, travel agents licence, or kerbside café permit.

Business premises

Under the business premises section of your business plan you can include the following information:

  • Business location - Enter your main business location and include details of the location and space occupied/required, the size of the space you occupy/require, the city or town, and the proximity of your location to landmarks/main areas. If you have a retail business, you can also include details of where you're located in relation to other shops, and what the retail traffic is like.
  • Buy/lease - If you've purchased a business premises or are currently leasing, briefly outline the arrangements. These can include purchase price, length of the lease agreement, rental cost or lease terms. If you're still looking for a lease or property, outline your commercial lease or purchase requirements and any utilities/facilities required. Read more about buying or leasing a business premises.

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