Finances section

The finances section of your business or emergency management plan may include the following information. This list is based on our free templates and downloads to help you get started in the planning process.

  • Current creditors table
    List all current creditors and any arrangements you have made during the recovery period: (Creditor name, contact details, special arrangement details, period of special arrangement and amount to pay).
  • Current debtors table
    List all current debtors you have contacted, their agreed payment amount and date: (Debtor name, contact details, details, agreed payment date and amount to receive).
  • Government funding table
    List all government funding you have applied for and the expected amount: (Program name, contact details, funding details, date of application and amount to receive).
  • Expected cash flow table
    This section contains a list of suggested incoming and outgoing cash items your business may have. When completing this section in your Emergency Management plan, this would include your expected incoming and outgoing cash items when recovering from an emergency or disaster type scenario. Don't forget to include the years and months relevant to your situation. Our free plan and template provided includes a cash flow table with the ability to calculate the figures.

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