Create a social media team

Identify the roles and responsibilities of the people within your business that will be managing your social media channels.

In this section of your social media plan include:

  • the roles, such as Social Media Manager or Administrator
  • details of responsibilities, such as develop and implement social media strategies, perform regular monitoring activities
  • percentage of time spent on social media
  • name of the person responsible.

Consider who will monitor your social media tools and respond to enquiries if the person you have listed is unable to fulfil this task, due to being on leave or sick. This is useful information to document in the Manage social media risks section of your plan.

Key personnel training

List your current / future staff and their training requirements around social media in your business. This may include job title, name of the employee, relevant skills and qualifications and training requirements such as social media marketing course.

Your employees will need to be trained and have a good understanding of the procedures outlined in your Establish the rules section.

You may be required to recruit new employees to assist you with managing your social media presence. Consider the skills and experience you require for each task and document these against each role in your plan.

Visit our Hiring topic for more information about how to undertake the recruitment process.

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