Starting or growing a business? Not sure where to start? These handy checklists provide a list of essential questions to help guide you through the process of starting up and expanding your business.

Download the checklists now to ensure you don't miss important steps along the way.

Starting a business checklist

When setting up a new business, there's a lot of information you need to consider. The starting a business checklist will guide you through important steps, including:

  • choosing a business structure
  • registering your ABN, GST and business name
  • setting up record keeping and accounting systems
  • ensuring you understand your tax and legal obligations, and
  • arranging insurance.

Growing a business checklist

If you're already in business and looking to expand, the growing a business checklist steps you through common growth strategies and issues, including:

  • improving your financial management practices
  • changing your business structure
  • applying for government grants
  • training yourself and your employees, and
  • getting your business online.

Checklist companion

The checklist companion provides a handy list of the government agencies referenced in both checklists. It helps you to quickly locate who you need to contact when starting and growing your business.

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