Your consumer rights as a business

We hear a lot about consumer rights in the media, but did you know that businesses also have certain rights and protections under consumer law?

About consumer rights

If you have consumer rights under Australian Consumer Law and your business, the products or services you buy come with automatic guarantees that they will work or do what you asked for.

If the products or services don’t meet this guarantee, you can claim a ‘remedy’ (such as a repair, replacement, refund, or compensation).

When do businesses have consumer rights?

As a business, you have consumer rights if the goods or services you buy to help you run your business are:

  • under $40,000
  • over $40,000 and normally bought for personal, domestic or household use
  • vehicles or trailers that are mainly used for transporting goods.

For example, consumer rights apply if you buy a:

  • microwave oven to use in your office kitchen
  • business van to deliver products to your customers.

When don’t businesses have consumer rights?

There are exceptions to consumer guarantees. For example, you don’t have consumer rights if you buy goods or services:

  • to resell in your own business
  • that are worth more than $40,000 and purely for business use (such as machinery or farming equipment).

Visit the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website for more exceptions to consumer guarantees.

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