Grants and assistance for importers

Find out whether concessions are available for your imported goods.

Concession schemes

Concession schemes may allow you to import goods for free, at a reduced rate or on a deferred duty payment.

Tariff Concession System

If you’re importing goods where there is no Australian made equivalent, you may be eligible to have the goods imported duty free.

Customs Warehouses – Deferment of Duty

This scheme allows you to defer paying duty for goods imported into Australia. The imported goods are stored at licensed warehouses under Customs control until you are ready to pay the duty.

Certain Inputs to Manufacturing

Provides import duty concessions to certain raw materials and intermediate goods.

Tradex Scheme

If you're importing goods intended for re-export (either as a whole or as part of a product), you should be eligible for an up-front exemption from customs duty and goods and services tax (GST).

International Trade Remedies Advisory Service

This service can help you apply for duty-assessments, exemptions and reviews if you are required to pay anti-dumping measures on imported goods you don't believe requires those duties because:

  • you are unable to source the goods from an Australian manufacturer
  • the duties do not reflect the current level of subsidisation of your exporter.

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